Become An Affiliate

We Welcome the Opportunity to Work with Affiliates

Printree’s affiliate scheme allows website owners to earn extra revenue – by simply placing a banner advertisement or text link to us on your site. For every sale that comes via your web site, you will receive 15 per cent of the order value (less delivery costs, discounts and VAT).

Our affiliates scheme tracks links for up to 90 days, so even if a customer you refer to us takes 90 days to complete an order, you can still receive commission on that sale!

Affiliate Programme – Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions below then contact us, details at the bottom of this page, to become a CreateOnline affiliate (please note that Printree is the online trading name for CreateOnline).

This Agreement (the “Agreement”) governs the relationship between you (“You”), and CreateOnline Ltd (“CreateOnline”). In becoming an affiliate, You agree to abide by all of these terms.

Important Note: The relationship between You as an affiliate and CreateOnline as a merchant is provided on the following terms and conditions, acceptance of which creates legal obligations.


CreateOnline will provide You with links (the “Links”) from your website (the “Site”) to selected Print- Shop sites. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, CreateOnline will pay You a commission in accordance with the CreateOnline commission structure as set out in section 5 of this Agreement.

‘Printree’ is the online trading name for CreateOnline Limited.


The appearance of the Links shall be decided at CreateOnline’s absolute discretion. Subject to the licence granted in this Agreement, CreateOnline will provide to You, at CreateOnline’s cost, a small graphic image identifying You as an affiliate to enable You to incorporate the Link. You shall incorporate and maintain the Links within your Site at your own cost.

The following methods may be used to link your site to or selected Print-on-Demand Shops sites:

General Link: You may provide a general Link on your site to our home page, which will be provided by CreateOnline.

Search Box: Site visitors may navigate directly to a page on the Printree site that contains the results of their search queries.

Direct Links: You are able to select one or more products to list on your site. For each selected product, you are encouraged to display a short description or other text. The content, style, and placement of these references are your sole responsibility. This Link will match the product reference on your site to the corresponding online catalogue entry. Individual product Links will be used at your discretion.

Customized Banner: Any banner created by your site for the purpose of Linking to must be approved by CreateOnline and used at our discretion.


CreateOnline is responsible for the quality, content and supply of all customer orders to the CreateOnline website. Without limitation, CreateOnline is responsible, at its cost, for processing all customer orders, including receiving, filing, shipping and handling, collecting payment, tracking, insurance and transaction security. All customer orders shall be placed directly with CreateOnline who will inform the customer that CreateOnline alone is responsible for all aspects of the sale of their goods or services and the relationship with the customer and that customer’s remedies for defective or non-delivered goods or services lie against CreateOnline. You are not involved in the transaction between Merchant and Customer and will bear no liability in that respect.