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Frequently Asked Questions

Art Prints and Posters

1. What exactly is a Giclée Poster or Art Print?

Giclée is an invented name for the process of making fine art prints from a digital source using ink-jet printing.  The word “giclée” is derived from the French language word “le gicleur” meaning “nozzle”, or more specifically “gicler” meaning “to squirt, spurt, or spray”.  It was coined in 1991 by Jack Duganne, a printmaker working in the field, to represent any inkjet-based digital print used as fine art.  

Our giclée posters and art prints are high-resolution reproduction prints produced on special large format printers at high resolutions of 1440 dots per inch (dpi).  The giclée posters and art prints are individually printed when you order; they really are made just for you.  They are produced from the high resolution digital photograph or scans of the original artworks.  The giclée printing technique is regarded as the apex of fine art reproduction methods and is the standard choice for museums and art galleries for reproducing their artworks.

2. How does a Giclée print compare to a mass produced lithographic poster?

Our giclée prints are far superior to the low priced mass produced lithographic prints often sold on the high street and on many online poster shops: 

  • We print all these art prints and posters at high resolutions of 1440 dots per inch
  • We use eight different colour lightfast pigmented inks to produce fantastic colour range, clarity and vibrancy
  • With numerous and finer print-heads we produce a wider colour gamut to ensure crisp high-resolution prints
  • Ink is sprayed onto the page mixing colours to create true shades and hues and a virtually continuous tone
  • Lithography uses tiny dots of different sizes and four colours to fool the eye into seeing various hues and shades
  • We print from high resolution digital images created from high-res. photos or scans of the original artworks
  • Lithography prints at 300 dpi from negatives and printing plates which fail to retain the necessary fine art detail
  • Our prints (or substrates) materials are thicker and stronger and will last longer.

3. The Images on my Computer screen do not look very high quality.

The images you see on the site are relatively low resolution thumbnails but you can be totally reassured that your poster or fine art print will be produced from an extremely high resolution image file so that you can be certain of an outstanding high quality print.  Our fine art print quality images are in the region of 1400 printed dots per inch.

4. Some images have a watermark on them – does this appear on the print?

Watermarks are put on the thumbnails solely to prevent copyright infringement of the thumbnail images.  Rest assured – watermarks DO NOT appear on finished prints.

5. Why do some images appear to have odd markings on them?

There may be odd little marks on the thumbnail images on the screen and sometimes in the frame views.  Please do not worry about these – they will not appear on the print – your print will be prefect.

6. Will the Art Print or Poster be the same as the Picture on my computer screen?

Customers are advised that the prints they order may differ to some extent from the colours of these Prints Place pictures they see on their screens; this is because individual screen settings on customers’ computer monitors can vary greatly.  Customers may also perceive a slight variation in colour under artificial lighting.  However, we would like to reassure customers we customise that the print settings to reproduce accurately the original Prints Place pictures.

7. Why do images of the same piece of artwork sometimes look different on the website?

The art prints and posters themselves are faithful reproductions of the original works.  The digital images on the website come from a variety of different sources and may have been saved in different ways by the galleries who provide them to us; this is why two images of the same piece of artwork may appear differently from one another.

8. How can I be confident of the quality of the posters and fine art prints?

It is quite simple – ALL these Prints Place posters, fine art prints, canvas prints and framed pictures are of the highest quality, or your money back.  Because we print at 1440 dots per inch, the image on the giclée prints, when highly magnified, remains in sharp focus and you can still see detail such as brush strokes and paint texture.  We use superb UV inks and state of the art printing machines to ensure a perfect result every time.

9. How do I choose a frame for my print?

  • Use the online framing and mounting facility to experiment – we have many mounts and frames from which to choose.
  • Once you have found the ideal print, you can choose a frame for it using our custom framing facility.
  • Click on the ‘Select Frame’ icon on the site or to the right of the image.
  • View or change the frame moulding by selecting from the frames menu
  • Try to choose a frame width that is in keeping with the image size: a wide frame will overwhelm a small picture whilst a narrow frame will have little impact on large print.
  • Do the same when selecting the 25mm, 50mm or 100mm mounts to ensure you get the perfect combination of frame, mount and image.
  • Finally, click on the colour chart under ‘Choose a wall colour’ to view the finished picture against any one of a range of wall colours that you have at home.

10. How can I select a suitable mount for my print and frame?

Click on the ‘Select Frame’ icon on the site or to the right of the image.

A mount board is a piece of ‘card’ with a bevel edge that forms a border around your print.  A mount board helps to highlight the image with in the frame and indeed the frame itself.  You can also remove a mount completely, in which case we will frame the print up to the edge of the image.

11. Are the frames as good as I can get on the High Street?

They are at least as good if not better value than those you would get yourself and without the hassle.  Our framing procedures are of the highest quality and undertaken by our own dedicated Fine Art Trade Guild Commended Framers.  We only use the best materials from the most reputable suppliers.  Each frame is hand crafted by an experienced professional.  See ‘Help’ for more information about our frames.  

12. What are the canvas prints like?

Our giclée printing process produces a stunning finish on canvas.  We offer prints finished in this way as ‘rolled’ ready for you to have mounted or as ‘box mounted’ ready for you to hang on the wall.  For more details see ‘About our Canvas Prints’ – under the Help menu.

13. What is a ‘box mounted’ canvas print?

The box-mounted prints are canvas prints stretched over a custom-made high quality frame including expansion joints to maintain a taut finish and stretcher bars top maintain structural integrity.  The box canvas print provides a fabulous contemporary finish for your artwork.  Please visit our ‘Help’ section to learn more about our canvas prints.

14. What is the difference between a ‘Rolled’ canvas print and a ‘Mounted’ canvas print?

A Rolled canvas print is simply the varnished canvas print sent to you rolled and sent to you in a reinforced cardboard tube to allow you to have the canvas stretched locally at your convenience.  A Mounted canvas print is the varnished canvas print stretched over a wooden frame and sent to you with fixings ready for you to hang.

15. What is a Triptych Canvas Print?

A Triptych Canvas Print is picture that has been split into three images, printed and stretched onto three separate canvas panels. These beautiful three-panel canvas art prints are very fashionable and really enhance the image to provide a central focal point in any environment. 

For simplicity we have created three size options for the triptych canvas art prints – Small panels – each panel 10 x 20 inches (250 x 500mm); Medium panels – each panel 15 x 30 inches (375 x 750mm); Large panels – each panel 20 x 40 inches (500 x 1000mm).  If you require different sizes please contact us.

16. Can I order my print on substrates other than those shown?

For simplicity, we currently use the following substrates on which to print your images Satin Paper, Gloss Paper, Fine Art Paper and Canvas.  In addition, on request, we can supply a range of other speciality papers and substrates e.g. mount board and Foamex.  Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

17. How should I look after my fine art print?

Always handle your pictures with care.  When carrying and transporting a picture, never pick up frames by one side – grasp the frame firmly on both sides.  If you have to store pictures or stack pictures, stand them vertically ‘glass to glass’ so that the hangers do not touch or damage the frame or glass.  For more details and guidance on how to look after your fine art prints please see ‘Tips and Care of Prints’ in the ‘Help’ pages.

Art Prints and Poster Sizes

1. What art print and poster sizes are available?

We can print your image in any print size to suit your particular requirements and print large format prints such as wall art prints or murals.  However, for simplicity on the website, our standard print sizes follow the European A-size convention:

  • A5; 210 x 149mm; 8.3 x 5.9 inche
  • A4; 297 x 210mm; 11.75 x 8.3 inches
  • A3; 297 x 420mm; 11.75 x 16.5 inches
  • A2; 420 x 594mm; 16.5 x 23.4 inches
  • A1; 594 x 841mm; 23.4 x 33 inches
  • A0; 841 x 1189mm; 33 x 46.8 inches.

If you require bespoke print sizes do please contact us with your requirements; please call us on 01908 363439.

2. How will the image fit within the print size that I have ordered?

The original images available from this collection come in a variety of shapes and sizes (for example portrait or landscape).  Where the aspect ratio of the selected print does not match the selected print paper size, the image will be printed to fit within the area of the ‘A’ size selected.  This effect is shown on the ‘Image Preview’ – a Product screen that gives an accurate portrayal of how the image will fit on different print sizes.

3. Do the images fit edge to edge in the ‘A’ range of sizes?

The actual print size will vary according to the aspect ratio of the image.  If an image has say an aspect ratio of 4:3 (width to height) and you wanted to buy a 1000mm x 1000mm sized canvas, then the image size on the canvas would be 1000mm wide by 750mm high.

Searching for Images

1. When the search returns result why are there so many apparently unrelated Prints Place pictures?

When you put a word in to the Search facility, the search goes across the entire Prints Place picture database – titles and subject matter and categories – and returns any reference with that word or group of letters within it.

2. How do I search the database to find the right picture to print?

There are four main ways to find a Prints Place picture for printing: 

  • Keyword Search: The keyword search function appears on every page and enables you to perform rapid searches by title, artist name, subject or genre – if you find that you are getting too many results, try adding an extra word into your query to refine it.  
  • Search by Category: Browsing through our category pages is a good way to get ideas if are not quite sure what you are looking for.  Categories can be accessed via the navigation at the left of every page.  
  • Alternatively, you can view all images and browse through them all page by page at your leisure.
  • You could also find an image by searching through the special ad hoc image categories 

3. Can I review a printed catalogue of these Prints Place Pictures?

We do not have a single, printed catalogue; our websites contain thousands of images from numerous galleries and archives from our partners and we believe this is the best way to see the range available.  Please call us on 01908 363439 (Mon-Fri 9.00am-6.00pm) if you are working on a large project and need help.

We can also undertake other services such as laminating, varnishing and mounting.  Please e-mail us at or call us on 01908 363439 to explain your requirements – we will be happy to try to help.

4. Can you get hold of other Prints Place pictures?

If you have seen a picture elsewhere that is not shown on this print-shop, we may be able to get the picture for you.  Please call us on 01908 363439 and we will try to help.

Ordering Art Prints and Poster

1. What is the availability of the Posters and Art Prints?

Every image displayed in our collections is always available for you to buy as a poster or a fine art print – on canvas or framed.  We do not keep a stock of posters or prints; we really do print every poster and fine art print and frame them when you order on-demand.  On the odd occasion that an image file is corrupted or that an original print has been scanned incorrectly, we address these immediately and then print orders as normal.

2. How do I order my fine art prints or posters?  

Having found the picture you wish to buy, click on the image; this opens a screen, which isolates the image in a larger view of the print, gives you a description of the picture, and presents you with various options.  

Use the ‘drop-down’ menu to select the print size and print medium. Use the click boxes to select black and white or sepia options to choose these finishes.  Then use the click boxes to select frame, mount and wall colour from the listed options.  Your chosen product can then be previewed in a typical room setting.

Then click ‘Add to Basket’ to put your product in the shopping basket.  Please note that to order multiple of the same product, simply continue to click Add to Basket. The Shopping Basket will display what you have thus far ordered and how you have spent thus far. 

You can then continue to browse for additional prints, or to proceed with your order.

To complete your order click ‘Go to Checkout’ button where you will first see a breakdown of what you have ordered before clicking again ‘Go to Checkout’ to  commence Order Confirmation. On the ‘Your Details’ window you can either continue as an existing customer where the details you entered on a previous visit can be accessed by your email and password; or you can click ‘New Customer’

The checkout process consists of: 

  • Entering your details (name, email, address); 
  • Choosing how you want your order to be delivered to you; 
  • Choosing how to pay; and 
  • Entering your payment details.  

You will receive an email confirming the order from us and the payment processing mechanism you chose to use.  

If you still require help, please email us at or call on 01908 363439.  

3. How will I know if I have succeeded in making an order?

You will receive an email confirming the order from us and from the payment processing mechanism you chose to use.  These emails are usually sent straight away and will arrive in your email ‘In Box’ the next time you check your email.  Should you need to contact Customer Services regarding a particular order please quote the Order Number that is displayed here (and in the confirmation email, you will have been sent).  Please call us on 01908 363439

4. Can I monitor the status of my order?

Your Order History can be viewed by going to ‘YOUR ACCOUNT’ where you will see a list of all the orders you’ve placed showing the Order Number, Order Date and Time and the Current Status of each order.  Please see ‘How to Order’ on the Help pages.

5. When I place an order what happens next?

When you have successfully completed your order we will receive confirmation ourselves on our ordering system and then your order details are automatically put into the print queue for fulfilment and then framing a necessary.  We do really print every order on-demand.

VAT & Sales Taxes

1. How do you deal with Value Added Tax (VAT) and other similar purchase TAX?

All UK and European Union customers are charged Value Added Tax (VAT) at the UK prevailing rate and which is included in all the prices you see on this shop.

European customers who are VAT registered should contact us with their VAT number and we will deduct the VAT from your invoice or alternatively you can claim it back in your own country.

Customers with delivery addresses outside of the European Union will have VAT deducted during the checkout process.  In these cases, the prices visible to you during the selection process will be reduced accordingly as the VAT is deducted.

2. I live overseas – will I have to pay import duty?

If you live within the European Union you do not need to pay import duty and you should not be charged for it.

For USA residents your chances of paying any import duty would be extremely remote, to say the least.  Even if it becomes necessary, we understand that the duty payable would be a very low percentage of the item cost.

If you live elsewhere in the world, you might find that you get charged a small import duty.  If you are concerned about this then we would recommend you check this first with your national Customs Office.  From our experience, shipping within the EU and to the USA in particular, is normally hassle free.


1. What payment options do I have?

Through Worldpay or PayPal, we can accept a number of credit and debit cards including: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Solo, Switch, Delta and JCB.

2. What currencies do you accept?

Printree (the online trading name for CreateOnline) operates globally and provides the ability to accept and settle payment in several currencies.  The main currencies offered are British Pounds, Euros and American Dollars.

Just click on the drop-down box under “Currencies” on the right-hand-side.  The costs will then change to your local currency using the latest conversion rates.  If you have any questions please e-mail us at

3. Which credit or debit cards can I use?

Through Worldpay, we accept MasterCard, Visa credit cards, Visa debit cards, Switch, Delta and Connect.  Unfortunately, we are unable to accept American Express at this time.

4. Can I pay by Cheque or Banker’s Draft or Postal Order?

We do accept cheques, banker’s draft and postal orders, but please bear in mind that orders paid in this way may take slightly longer to process.  Select the ‘Cheque’ option at checkout then follow the instructions shown.  We regret that we can only accept cheques and postal orders issued in British Pounds.  Make your cheque or postal orders payable to CreateOnline Limited and send it, along with your name, telephone number and order reference number to: CreateOnline Limited, The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, MK3 6AB. Please note that we will only commence fulfilment of your order when your cheque has been received.

5. Can I pay for my order over the telephone?

Yes, of course you can, and we look forward to speaking with you.  Please call us Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm (GMT) and we will be happy to take your order over the phone on 01908 363439 .

6. How can I be certain that my purchase details will remain secure?

For maximum security, we do not keep any of your payment details (credit card information etc.) on our systems.  This information is requested and processed in the secure confines of the e-commerce gateways we use, namely, Worldpay and PayPal.

As a result, our online debit and credit card transactions are 100% secure using secure server software (SSL) which encrypts all the information you submit rendering it totally safe.  SSL is the most advanced security software available for internet transactions.  For more information please see ‘Security and Privacy’ at the bottom of the site.

7. What can I do if I am still uncertain about purchasing online?

If, after all our reassurances, you would prefer not to send your card details over the Internet, you may phone them through to us on 01908 363439 outside the UK.  Please have your order details – image reference, substrate, size and frame etc – to hand, when you call.

Postage & Shipping

1. What will I pay for delivery to United Kingdom Addresses?

All deliveries to United Kingdom addresses are FREE: these include England, Wales, Scotland, the Highlands and Islands.

2. How much will I pay for post and packaging?

Post and packing for ALL UK DELIVERIES ARE FREE.  

For delivery addresses outside the UK, a postage and packing charge will be added to your order at the checkout and this will depend on the country address to which you have chosen to send your order.  Shipping costs are determined these days more so by the volumetric size and less by weight of the parcel and the delivery address.  See ‘Postage & Shipping’ in ‘Help’.

3. How long will I have to wait for my print?

Orders are normally despatched within THREE working days from receipt of order.  Please allow longer for box canvas prints and framed prints, which because of the additional work involved can take up to TEN working days to despatch.

Extra time should be allowed at busier times of the year, especially in the period up to Christmas.  We regret that we cannot be held liable for delays in shipping – in the event of a delay in shipping, we will do everything in our power to hasten the delivery of your print to you.

4. To what Destinations does Printree Deliver?

We ship posters, fine art prints, box canvas prints and framed prints to most countries throughout the world.  Please see ‘Postage and Shipping’ in the Help pages.

5. Will overseas deliveries take longer?

Overseas delivery times do vary greatly.  European deliveries are normally within a working week, and all other territories within two working weeks.

6. Can I send a poster or art print to an address other than my own?

You can send an art print or poster to someone else – when you get to the checkout page ‘Delivery Details’ simply fill out the address you would like your order to be sent as well as your own billing address.

You can send products to several different addresses, but they each need to be completed as separate orders with the separate destination addresses specified in each case.  When you have completed the first order (including payment), simply click on the ‘Continue Shopping’ button to make up the second and subsequent orders.  When you come to process the second order the computer will have remembered your contact details (but NOT your credit-card number) so that you do not have to waste time filling these in again.

If you register to have an ‘Account’, you have the option to store multiple delivery address.  When it comes time to checkout your order, you will be able to choose from these pre-defined delivery address entries.

7. How will you deliver my fine art prints and posters?

For delivery to United Kingdom addresses, we normally use Royal Mail’s First Class Post for small packages and Parcelforce for larger rolled prints, box canvas and framed prints.

All overseas orders – rolled prints, box canvas prints and framed prints – are normally despatched through Fed Ex and are tracked by them.

8. Can I be reassured that my order will not be damaged in the post?

We use reinforced cardboard tubes for rolled (unframed) posters and fine art prints on satin, gloss, fine art papers and canvasses.

Framed prints are packed in thick bubble wrap, boarded on the front to protect against damage to glass/Perspex and placed into a twin – double thickness – walled corrugated box.  We have a maximum glass size that we feel can be shipped safely without breakage – Glass is used for print sizes up to A2 and then Perspex for the larger sizes.

Please be assured that in the unlikely event that a product arrives damaged, we will provide an immediate replacement.  Please call us on 01908 363439.

9. Can I arrange for the parcel to arrive on a certain day?

Yes, normally we can, but only for delivery addresses in the UK; we can aim to get your parcel to you on a specific day.  Please note that this is not a foolproof system and couriers are sometimes delayed and parcels take longer to arrive.

10. Can I request a faster delivery for urgent orders?

Yes, if at all possible we can try to meet short deadlines.  Please fill in your particular requests during the ordering process and call us on 01908 363439 to confirm your requirements.

11. What happens if there is no one at home to receive my order?

If you are not at home to receive a poster or an unframed print, the mail carrier will probably take it back to the local depot and leave a card at the delivery address.  You can then either call your local depot to rearrange delivery or go to depot to collect at your convenience.

If you miss delivery of a box canvas or framed print, the delivery driver will leave a note and attempt delivery twice again.  The note will also include a telephone number that you can call to arrange redelivery.

Returning Goods

1. If I am truly unhappy with my poster or fine art print, how do I return it to you?

We have a 30-day money back Satisfaction Guarantee.  We will always do our best to provide you with the best fine art prints-on-demand on the internet.  If, for any reason, you are not entirely satisfied with your order we will refund the value of the goods supplied provided that they, together with the original invoice, are returned to Printree at CreateOnline Ltd in perfect condition (carefully repacked in the original packaging), within 30 days of Delivery for replacement or a full refund.

We ask that you please first contact us on 01908 363439 or email us at  Please return it within 30 days to Printree, CreateOnline Limited, The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB.

2. What should I do if the Print has been damaged in any way in transit or is incorrect?

In the unlikely event that you do not receive the fine art prints you ordered, or if the prints arrive damaged, please contact us within 30 days of the delivery date and we will replace them immediately.  Please quote the order number and state the nature of error or defect.  If you fail to so notify us, we regret you will be deemed to have accepted the goods.

We ask that you please first contact us on 01908 363439 or email us at  We may ask you to help us by returning the damaged goods at our expense to Printree, CreateOnline Limited, The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB.

Other Questions

1. What is Printree?

Printree is the online trading name for CreateOnline Limited – a dedicated prints-on-demand company.  Prints Place is a central print-shop from which you can browse and buy any art print or poster of the thousands of images from galleries, museums, archives, artists and collectors throughout the world.

2. Are there any copyright issues on the Prints Place Pictures and prints?

By purchasing the pictures from this Prints Place website, you obtain ownership of the physical print but you do not any intellectual property rights to re-use the picture.  If you copy, publish, reprint, broadcast, distribute, or otherwise use any imagery without the prior written consent of Printree you will be infringing copyright laws.

3. Can you print these images on to Window Roller Blinds?

Yes, we can create some stunning window blinds that will enhance any room.  Please click on ‘Buy a Window Roller Blind’ to see how to order your own individual blind.  Alternatively, call us on 01908 363439 to explain your requirements -we will be happy to try to help.

4. Can I use the images on the site for commercial purposes?

Requests for permission to reproduce material from this website should be addressed to: Printree, CreateOnline Limited, The Mansion, Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes, MK3 6EB.  We are happy, on behalf of our Partners, to licence images for commercial or private use.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

5. Can I submit my own art to the site?

Yes, through the Printree Gallery at we are making it possible for artists and photographers to sell giclée prints of their artwork worldwide.

Printree Gallery is not a stock library – we promote, sell and print beautiful giclée fine art prints of your work.  We do everything – exhibit the work online, print and frame and deliver orders, and look after every aspect of customer service.

All you need to is to submit your images and associated data – we will do the rest.  If you are interested in selling your artworks, browse through the Printree Gallery then contact us.

6. Have we addressed all your questions?

If we have not satisfactorily addressed all your questions or you have other questions or queries about the service or indeed any complaints please contact us on 01908 363439 or email us at