What is a bra?


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What is a bra? Short for brassiere a type-fitting undergarment intended to support or conceal a woman’s breasts with the use of straps. Bras come in various styles, such as those that are made for breastfeeding women, those that can be worn under any kind of clothing, and even those that can be worn alone as an everyday piece of undergarment. Some women prefer to buy bras on their own, without using any kind of special tools or fabrics, while others prefer shopping for bras online in order to have a larger selection of the most popular ones to choose from. No matter which way you like to shop for bras, it will always be important to know exactly what you’re looking for in them.

Bra Basics There are many different kinds of bras, with essential differences between different types. Straps, also called strings, can either be elastic, stretchy, or firm. Elastic-straps are generally the most flexible, stretchy, and least apparent of all bra types. They can be found in a range of different materials, including nylon, cotton, silk, satin, and polyester. These straps tend to be very supportive and should be worn with clothes that are made of lighter material, since they can dig into your skin if they are too tight. Straps that are too loose may dig into the breast tissue, causing unsightly lumpy lines to appear, particularly around the nipple and are not recommended for women who are expecting.

Back Band A bra’s back band or support cup extends above and behind the breasts. It can either be a fabric, such as cotton or satin, or a foam material, such as memory foam or silicon. The back band helps provide extra support for the breasts by pulling them back toward the body. This type of bra is helpful for women with larger breasts who need additional lift.

Underwire Bras A newer development in bras is the underwire, which is a wire or plastic piece that goes beneath the cups. This is usually enclosed by a plastic or foam piece, so that the wires do not show through. Underwire bras provide more coverage than bras with wires, and are a popular choice among younger women who wish to conceal their upper body. They are available in several different styles, depending on whether you prefer large round breasts, or smaller, teardrop ones. While underwire bras tend to give a fuller look to larger-chested women, they are more comfortable for smaller-breasted women, as they give less support.

An underwire bra uses a mesh or fabric piece that fits under each of the cups, rather than just on the outside of the cup. It is attached to the back band using a hook and loop fastener, so it stays put. The center gore provides additional support and can be found on either plain cups or those with underwire. Some center gores are strapless, while others have a back band that can be undone, thus turning the bra into a strapless style. Mesh or soft silicone gores are the most comfortable, as they are less likely to rub against the shoulders.

Straps Many bras have several lines of strap that join together to form one band, each with its own hook and loop closures. There are also ties at the edge of the cup, allowing for the quick removal of a folded bra cup. These straps are typically made of cotton or spandex and have an open ending. These types of bras are generally not meant to be worn strapless, as they can be too snugly.

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